CCAT at Curtin University Sustainable Showcase

Jeffrey Sachs, Curtin University Sustainable Showcase, Professor John Hartley, Professor Erik Champion, Centre for Culture and Technology, CCATOn Monday 19 May, Professors John Hartley and Erik Champion attended the  Curtin Sustainable Showcase – at Government House and were on hand to answer questions about CCAT to interested parties after the talk by Professor Jeffrey Sachs, of the Earth Institute at Columbia University New York. Jeffrey Sachs, professor of economics, is a leader in sustainable development, senior UN advisor and bestselling author, he explained how poverty could and should fall as a percentage of the world population, but he also powerfully and dramatically spoke about the economic and social implications of not responding directly and immediately to the consequences of climate change. He pointed out the importance of Australia, along with India, China, United States and Russia, in any response to climate change, due to its role as one of the world’s greatest coal producers and exporters. He suggested various steps to control the carbon deficit from coal production and suggested various ways in which research could minimise the damage of coal extraction. He was introduced by John Curtin Distinguished Professor Peter Newman and Vice Chancellor Deborah Terry and his Excellency Malcolm McCusker AC CVO QC, Governor of Western Australia also spoke at the event.

The event was recorded by the ABC and other media. An extended ABC interview with Professor Sachs is available online with additional coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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