Grant and publication successes for Matthew Chrulew

In May and June, CCAT’s Matthew Chrulew undertook research in Switzerland, France and Belgium as an Ernst Keller European Travelling Fellow. The grant was awarded by the Australian Academy of the Humanities for the research project, “The History and Philosophy of Zoology and Ethology.” It enabled Matthew to conduct archival research at Zürich Zoo and Basel Staatsarchiv on the influential zoo director Heini Hediger, and to collaborate on editing and translating projects with colleagues in Paris and Brussels. This research is central to a number of publications in progress, including a book on zoological gardens, co-written essays, and a number of special journal issues.

Matthew Chrulew, guest editor with Chris Danta, Fabled Thought, special issue of SubStance: A Review of Theory and Literary Criticism, 2014.Matthew is also guest editor, with Chris Danta from UNSW, of issue 43:2 of the leading journal SubStance: A Review of Theory and Literary Criticism. The special issue, titled “Fabled Thought,” brings together twelve essays responding to Jacques Derrida’s final seminars, The Beast & the Sovereign. Contributors include leading Derrida translators and commentators such as Peggy Kamuf, David Wills, Michael Naas, Paul Patton and Vicki Kirby. The issue includes Matthew’s essay, “‘An art of both caring and locking up’: Biopolitical Thresholds in the Zoological Garden.”

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