CCAT hosts International Experts at Research Workshop

February 28, 2015 4:32 am

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.57.47 amOn Thursday 26th and Friday 27th February, CCAT Director Associate Professor Lucy Montgomery and former CCAT director Distinguished Professor John Hartley co-convened a two-day research event “Publishing – Knowledge – Citizenship: The Creation, Distribution and Governance of Knowledge in Open Complex Systems”. The workshop was held at the South of Perth Yacht Club, and was designed to re-think “publishing” in the digital era, as a concept, an industry, a series of diverse practices and an economic activity. Areas of special interest included open access publishing, social networks and the “publication of the self”, as well as in new models of publishing as an economic and entrepreneurial activity. The workshop brought together experts in complex systems, social network markets and social media cultures to brainstorm a research agenda at the forefront of international best practice, that will reconceptualise how knowledge is and will be created, distributed and governed over the next few years. This workshop was a research output for CCAT’s New Models of Publishing Program.Read more

Prestigious Curtin Honorary Doctorate awarded to Dr. Frances Pinter, Knowledge Unlatched.

February 25, 2015 4:11 am

FrancesRobeCUOn the 24th of February, CCAT Associate Member and Knowledge Unlatched’s founder, Dr Frances Pinter, received an Honorary Doctorate for her contribution to scholarly publishing.

At a recent graduation ceremony, Curtin University recognised Frances Pinter’s lifetime service to the publishing industry, and her efforts to broaden access to knowledge, by awarding her an Honorary Doctorate of Letters.Read more

Anne Aly receives invite to White House Summit

February 23, 2015 10:15 am

Unknown-2CCAT Member Associate Professor Anne Aly, who is the program leader for one of  CCAT’s main research programs, Countering Online Violent Extremism, and the founding chairwoman of People Against Violent Extremism was Australia’s only civil-society representative invited to address US President Barack Obama’s Summit on combating violent extremism.

You can read more about Anne Aly’s experience in The Australian news article here.

Special Ctrl-Z Multimedia Issue: Darren Tofts & Mark America – In Conversation

February 1, 2015 8:03 am

Unknown-1CCAT’s online journal, Ctrl-Z, is pleased to announce the release of the first of its media publications: Darren Tofts & Mark Amerika—in conversation.

Tofts and America discuss what might it mean to say that “ours is the time of the remix”? What happens to ideas, education, authority, media and everyday cultural practice in such a context?Read more


Anne Aly – 2014 award for outstanding media commentary

January 13, 2015 8:43 am

Anne Ally, winner of the Curtin University 2014 Public Relations Award for Most Outstanding Commentary on a Media IssueThe Curtin University 2014 Public Relations Award for Most Outstanding Commentary on a Media Issue went to Anne Aly for her media commentary relating to Muslim extremism and the Islamic State. Anne has engaged with a range of media including The Australian, The West Australian, The Guardian, The Conversation, and the Women’s Weekly on a number of topics including the situation in Syria and Iraq, Australian’s leaving the country to join ISIS, deradicalization of young Muslims in Australia, community calls for the banning of the Burka and other related matters.

Anne is Director of the Countering Online Violent Extremism Research (CoVEr) Program at Curtin University.

Recent articles include:
Radicalisation and the lone wolf: what we do and don’t know,The Conversation, 17 December 2014.
Sydney siege: don’t call Man Haron Monis a ‘terrorist’ – it only helps Isis,The Guardian, 16 December 2014.
Is it fair to blame the West for trouble in the Middle East,The Conversation, 6 October 2014.
“Radicalisation,” The West Australian Newspaper, 4 October 2014.

Anne is also featured in “Taking on terror in the suburbs”, the Australian Women’s Weekly, December 2014, pp. 77–78.

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