FullSizeRenderDr Matthew Chrulew is a Research Fellow in the Centre for Culture and Technology at Curtin University, where he leads the Posthumanism and Technology research program. He received his Masters from University of Western Australia and his PhD from Monash University, and was previously a Research Fellow at the Centre for Research on Social Inclusion at Macquarie University. His research is situated at the intersection of posthumanism, animal studies and the environmental humanities, combining critical theory, cultural studies and philosophy to investigate human relationships with animals and the environment. He is an Associate Editor of Environmental Humanities journal, which he has helped to grow from its establishment in 2012 to its impending entry into the stables of Duke University Press. Dr Chrulew’s essays have been published in Angelaki, SubStance, New Formations, Foucault Studies, Australian Humanities Review, Humanimalia, Antennae, Critical Research on Religion, The Bible and Critical Theory, and the collections Animal Death and Metamorphoses of the Zoo. His short stories have been published in Aurealis, ASIM, Pseudopod, Macabre, The Year’s Best Australian Fantasy and Horror, Canterbury 2100 and Cosmos, and his novella The Angælien Apocalypse was a finalist in the Aurealis Awards. He is the editor (with Chris Danta) of issue 43.2 of SubStance on Jacques Derrida’s The Beast & the Sovereign lectures, (with the HARN collective) of Animals in the Anthropocene (Sydney University Press, 2015), and (with Deborah Bird Rose and Thom van Dooren) of Extinction Studies: Stories of Time, Death and Generations (Columbia University Press, forthcoming). With Jeffrey Bussolini and Brett Buchanan he has edited three issues of Angelaki on the work of Dominique Lestel, Vinciane Despret and Roberto Marchesini (forthcoming). His current research focuses on the development of philosophical ethology, a field of empirical and conceptual inquiry into questions of animal behaviour, culture, technology and subjectivity.

POSITION Research Fellow
FACULTY Faculty of Humanities
SCHOOL Humanities Research and Graduate Studies
CAMPUS Bentley Campus

CCAT Programs: Posthumanism & Technology



Journal Articles and Book Chapters

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