human1004Qian was trained as a broadcasting journalist. Before Curtin University, Qian Gong worked for nine years for China’s national English language newspaper, China Daily. She was appointed the Assistant Director of the Features Department with extensive print media industry experience. After moving to Australia, Qian has developed a special interest in pedagogy and has extensive experience in teaching students at beginner’s, intermediate and advanced level. She is the coordinator for the Chinese course at Curtin.

Qian has a PhD in Media and Culture Studies. Her research interests covers the cultural transformation in contemporary China, Socialist culture in China, Chinese media and popular culture, working class identity, etc. She is a member of Digital China Project.

Qian also involves in post-graduate supervision.


2013 – Winner of book chapter of the year in 2013 Humanities Research and Creative Production Awards -ECR category

2012 Special RPI funding: $3,287 (SSAL RPI grant 2012)

2008 – Scholarship, ARC Asian Pacific Futures Research Network, China Node Symposium 2008, Culture and Religion in Contemporary China, 28-29 Sept 2008, UTS, Blackfriars Campus, Sydney

Position Lecturer
Faculty Faculty of Humanities
School School of Education
Campus Bentley Campus
Location 502D
Phone +618 9266 7042
Fax +618 9266 3186

CCAT Programs: Digital China Lab 


2015 Publications

Book Chapters (Research)

Gong, Q. 2015. “Remolding heroes: The erasure of class discourse in the Red Classics television drama adaptations.” In Chinese Entertainment Television, ed. Ruoyun Bai and Geng Song, 158-171. New York: Routledge.

Journal Articles (Research)

Gong, Q. 2015. “Masters of the nation: Representation of the industrial worker in films of the Cultural Revolution period (1966-1976).” China Perspectives 2015/2: 15-23.

2014 Publications

Book Chapters (Research)

Zhang, G. Q., and Q. Gong. 2014. “The retention of year 11/12 Chinese in Australian schools: A relevance theory perspective.” In Critical perspectives on language education, ed. Dunworth, K. and Zhang, G., 119-140. UK: Springer.

2013 Publications

Journal Articles (Research)

Gong, Q. 2013. “Moral Leaders or Moral Degenerates: Media, Teachers, and the Politics of Representation.” Transformacje 3-4 (78-79): 345-367.


Book Chapters (Research)

Leong, S., and Q. Gong. 2012. “Provincializing in Perth? Satellite Television and the Chinese in Perth.” In Cultures in Refuge: Seeking Sanctuary in Modern Australia, ed. Anna Hayes and Robert Mason, 137-148. United Kingdom: Ashgate.

Gong, Q. 2012. “Living Red: Production, consumption and local memory of revolutionary culture in Linyi.” In Mapping Media in China: Region, province, locality, ed. Wanning Sun and Jenny Chio, 176-192. United Kingdom: Routledge.


Book Chapters (Research)

Gong, Q. 2010. “Red Women & TV Drama.” In Contemporary Chinese Visual Culture, ed. Christopher Crouch, 295-315. USA: Cambria Press.


Book Chapters (Research)

Gong, Q. 2008. “A Trip Down Memory Lane: Remaking and Rereading the Red Classics.” In TV Drama in China, ed. Ying Zhu, Michael Keane and Ruoyon Bai, 157-171. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.



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