20140803_130334-3Dr. Thor Kerr is a lecturer in the Department of Communication and Cultural Studies at Curtin University. His research focusses on media and public representation in negotiations of urban space. His latest book, To the Beach, examines public controversy and policy making around a proposed coastal ‘sustainable’ property development. His previous book, co-authored with Dr Shaphan Cox, examined how popular media criminalized Aboriginal activists affirming their sovereignty in the city. Dr Kerr is in the management group of the Australia-Asia-Pacific Institute and coordinates Curtin University’s Master of Media and Communication. Before entering academia, he directed the development of architectural media and information services from Singapore after working as an editor and journalist in Melbourne, Jakarta and The Hague.

POSITION            Lecturer
FACULTY              Faculty of Humanities
SCHOOL               School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts
DEPARTMENT     Department of Communication and Cultural Studies
CAMPUS                Bentley Campus
LOCATION            208.306D
PHONE                  +618 9266 2732

CCAT Programs: Posthumanism & Technology
Publications (since 2012)

Kerr, T. 2015. To the Beach: Community Conservation and its Role in ‘Sustainable Development’. Perth: UWA Publishing.
Kerr, T. & Cox, S. (2013). R. Briggs, N. Lucy & S. Mickler (Eds.). Setting up the Nyoongar Tent Embassy: a report on Perth media. Perth: Ctrl-Z Press.

Publication in academic journals
Kerr, T. & Cox, S. (in press, accepted 18 February 2015). Media, machines and might: reproducing Western Australia’s violent state of Aboriginal protection. Somatechnics.
Kerr, T. 2015. “Negotiating green space between ecological threats and beloved objects”, Continuum: Journal of Media & Cultural Studies, 29:3, 402-418, DOI: 10.1080/10304312.2015.1025368
Kerr, T. (2014). ‘Negotiating Green Space for Capital Accumulation: The Case of North Port Quay’ in Spaces and Flows: An International Journal of Urban and ExtraUrban Studies, 4 (2), pp 31-37.
Kerr, T. (2012). Reproducing temples in Fremantle. International Journal of Heritage Studies 18(1) 629-645.
Kerr, T. (2012). Desiring diversity at university. Borderlands e-journal, 11(3), 1-4.

Selected newspaper and magazine contributions
Kerr, T. (2014). Participatory Planning and Indonesian Politics, FuturArc, Sep-Oct 2014, 40-43.
Kerr, T. & Cox, S. (2014, August 21). Frustration rises over changes to the WA Aboriginal Heritage Act. Retrieved from
Kerr, T. (2013, November 20). I spy with my little eye… The Jakarta Post, p. 6.
Kerr, T. (2013). Indonesia country report. FuturArc, Nov-Dec 2013, 38-41.
Kerr, T. (2013, April 25). General Cosgrove, beer and the ANZAC Day. The Jakarta Post, p. 7.

Selected exhibitions, seminar & workshop contributions
Kerr, T. (2015, January). Opening up colonial space: Aboriginality, Perth and the Nyoongar Tent Embassy. Paper presented at a seminar supported by the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies and the Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Urban Studies Theme at University of British Columbia, Kelowna, Okanagan Nation, Canada.
Kerr, T. (2014, December). Unifying and dividing around indigenous rights: Aboriginal heritage and the law in Western Australia. Paper presented at Space, Race, Bodies: Geocorpographies of City, Nation, Empire conference, at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Kerr, T. (2014, November). New Media and Digital Culture in Corporate Communication, Public Lecture, Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia.
Kerr, T. (2014, March). Particularity of ‘our’ people and public places. Paper presented at the Indian Ocean Futures conference in Fremantle, Australia.
Kerr, T. (2014, January). Negotiating green space between ecological threats and objects of Australia. Paper presented at Media Coverage on Environmental Issues: the Cases of Australia and Indonesia at Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.
Kerr, T. (2013, November). Negotiating Green Space for Capital Accumulation: The Case of North Port Quay. Paper presented at the 4th Spaces and Flows: International Conference on Urban and ExtraUrban studies, Centre for Urban Studies, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Cox, S. & Kerr, T. (2013, August). Media representation of the Nyoongar Tent Embassy. Workshop papers presented in Perth at the Nyoongar Tent Embassy’s Human Rights Training Program.
Creagh, R., Ryder, P., Cox, S. & Kerr, T. (2013, July). I’m not going anywhere. I’m here all the time. Exhibition of visual works at the State Library of Western Australia for NAIDOC Week.
Kerr, T. (2013, July). Setting up the Tent Embassy. Paper presented at a seminar of the Department of Media, Film and Communication, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.
Kerr, T. (2013, June). Criminalising Aboriginal Citizens: Media Representation of the Nyoongar Tent Embassy. Paper presented at the plenary session of the 8th Annual Limina Conference, Exclusivity: Boundaries of Difference, at the University of Western Australia, Perth.
Creagh, R., Kerr, T. & Cox, S. (2013, February). Heirisson Island, Matagarup: negotiation and conflict in photojournalism and technologies of spatial classification. Reading public spaces: East Perth in Perth, Australia.
Kerr, T. & Cox, S. (2013, January). Setting up the Nyoongar Tent Embassy. Presentation at Freedom Day in Matagarup, Australia.

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