1661481_10152836641303509_2984596964933412900_nMichael Keane is Professor of Chinese Media and Cultural Studies at Curtin University. He is Program Leader of the Digital China Lab. The Digital China Lab investigates the transformative role of digital technology in everyday life in China and Australia, as well as producing critical academic insights into China’s creative transformation. The Digital China Lab produces data, findings, and evidence for public policy, technology design, implementation, and public debate.

Michael’s key research interests are digital transformation in China; East Asian cultural and media policy; and creative industries and cultural export strategies in China and East Asia. His current funded research project with the Australian Research Council (ARC) concerns audio-visual media collaboration (film, TV, animation, documentary and online platforms) in East Asia with a focus on Mainland China.


POSITION Professor
FACULTY Faculty of Humanities
SCHOOL School of Media, Culture and Creative Arts
DEPARTMENT Department of Communication and Cultural Studies
CAMPUS Bentley Campus
LOCATION 208.406
PHONE +618 92662612

CCAT Programs: Digital China Lab

Selected publications (last five years)


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Book chapters

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Refereed Journal Articles

Keane, M. (2016) Going global or going nowhere? Chinese media in a time of flux, Media International Australia (in press)

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Other (journalism and blogs)

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