Cultural Science

Cultural Science is devoted to building a new conceptual frame for analysing culture, creativity and identity, and through them the creative economy, digital and social media, by means of an interdisciplinary approach based in evolutionary theory, complexity studies, and communication. Its ambition is to reconceptualise the study of culture for the digital era. It is focused on conceptual modelling and disciplinary synthesis, in order to develop new tools for analysing culture-made groups in the production and growth of knowledge, leading to a better understanding of the role of culture, media, communication in generating and distributing new ideas (innovation).

Team members are engaged in a range of theory-building and empirical projects relating to evolutionary economics, innovation theory, the history of culture-knowledge, DIY and Open Access publishing, the creative economy and culture (including social media, makers and ‘scenes’), and identity-formation in mediated and digital environments.

Program leader:

John Hartley AM,  John Curtin Distinguished Professor / Professor of Cultural Science, Curtin University



  • Knowledge Clubs
  • Redaction (thought consultancy)
  • Creative Economy and Culture in China
  • Evolutionary perspectives on culture and media
  • Robots, science fiction and communication
  • Identity and communication technologies
  • This program is also the Curtin ‘node’ of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation (
  • Creative Workforce Initiative


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